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How to Move Like a Minimalist

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One of the awesome benefits of Minimalism is moving is stress free.  When your stuff is organized, and you only own things that you need, moving is a piece of cake.

Before I moved into my first apartment, I had a chucking party, where I threw out or gave away everything I didn't need.  Seriously, I moved into my apartment, with only a Honda Civic and a friend's pick-up truck for my bed.  It only took three hours to be moved and settled.  Piece of cake. 

With another possible move on the horizon, I thought I'd share some ways you can make your move stress free.   

1. Get Rid of Clutter 

As soon as you know that you are going to move, start going through your makeup drawer, your nightstand, bookcase, underwear drawer, under your bed, your kitchen utensils, and the storage closet.  If you can help it, don't buy anymore cleaning supplies, spices, food stock, or other items you use on a daily basis.  Instead, try to use up as much as you can before the move.  

2. Organize Everything Into Boxes and Bins

Storage bins with handles
make moving a cinch.
What made my move super easy was having everything in bins.  If you have no loose objects, and everything is in a container, then you just pick up your bin and carry it to the next house, no packing required.  

I keep my loose items, year-round, in bins and containers.  My cosmetics are in a bin with a handle, my rock climbing gear is in another, and even my scarves are in a small box in the closet.   

3.  Have Everything Packed Before the Movers Arrive 

Having all of your small stuff packed ahead of time will make moving day quick and easy.  Even if it is only a friend helping you move your furniture in his truck, having everything organized and out of the way, will make for a stress free move for everyone involved.  There is nothing worse than tripping on clutter while trying to get the couch out of the door.  My suggestion is to take all of your bins and pile them up away from the furniture, so that there is plenty of space to move the larger items.

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