Sunday, April 6, 2014

Minimalism and Freedom

Free Yourself
Source: Jesus Solana
My last post, The Real State of the Union, was all about the United States economy, and the holes in its ship.  What does this mean for the minimalist?

Minimalism is about cutting down to the essentials, and not desiring any extras.  Within the minimalist community, there are offshoots of Lifestyle Designers, tiny house dwellers, simple living enthusiasts, and those seeking financial independence.

 I would say that the majority of minimalists want to live small, in order to have more freedom.  Freedom is the connector to all of those communities.  Minimalism offers freedom.

Minimalism and Self-Sufficiency

Minimalists say, "Screw you" to the social order.  Minimalists see the deterioration of society at the hands of out of control consumerism.

When you are not anchored to a massive amount of possessions, you are free to move wherever you want.  No matter what the economy does, or where political unrest unleashes, the minimalist is free to move about the cabin.  When your wealth isn't tied to your possessions, then moving to another part of the country, or even across the world, can be done at the flip of a switch.

If you migrate across the world, with a backpack, working out of internet cafes, who can touch you?
If you adopt simple living, running a micro from your garage, and producing your own food, who can touch you?

On several trips out into the wild, I have had an interesting thought, what if World War 3 broke out while I was gone?  What if the stock market crashed?  What if the President was comprised?  Out there, there would be no way of knowing.  Can I even say, that out there, it wouldn't matter.

When you live self-sufficiently, you can choose what parts of society affect you.  Not all parts of it are bad.  There are great social programs that help with disaster relief, housing for orphans, and basic safety standards.  Society can offer some great benefits to the individual, but you shouldn't ever rely on them, because they are fallible.

Utlimately, you are responsible for your own health, wealth, safety, and happiness.  Become a minimalist, and free yourself.

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