Sunday, July 14, 2013

Minimal Mindset

Source: Flickr/ Nina Matthews
The purpose of minimalism is to pair down your life to whatever fits within the mold you desire.  You have a target in front of you and all of the arrows not headed in that direction get eliminated.  It is pursing a goal or lifestyle to the fullest, by taking away anything that does not compliment the endgame.  

In my personal journey to minimalism, I have found myself becoming Pharisaical in my pursuit of less. Minimalism gives me an excuse to say no to opportunities that don't fit into my simple lifestyle.  It has forced me to evaluate friendships, spending habits, hobbies, and even long held morals.

Simplicity is a good thing and so is focusing energy on a target, but life isn't that simple.  We often have several conflicting targets all vying for our attention.  By aiming at one we, by default, leave other targets empty.

Some things in life aren't beneficial to you directly, but are the right thing to do.  For instance, maybe you've given up video games to spend more hours pursuing a business venture that will give your family financial freedom.  However, your children view playing video games with them, as sacred bonding time with you.  By giving up precious time with your family, you are missing out on why you were aiming at other targets in the first place.

Every time I say no to an opportunity, it becomes easier.  Every time I give away an item, an imaginary emotional attachment to possessions is farther removed.  Life can quickly become about eliminating and not about enjoying simplicity and freedom.  If not kept in check, it can entice the young minimalist towards an unhealthy self-centered, control-freak mindset.

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