Monday, November 26, 2012

Minimalism in the Kitchen

One of the most pressing issues for minimalists is how to cook and entertain with very few possessions.  While the scale of minimalism goes from owning exactly one bowl and knife, to an organized showroom of a kitchen, I seek to find the middle ground.  It may work for some minimalists, but I don't feel very hospitable making my guest bring their own utensils.

I came across a couple items at Cost Plus World Market that allow you to keep your kitchen, just in miniature.
small kitchen
How much cheese do you
really need to grate? 
Don't have room on your wall for a clock?  No problem.
Minimalist Kitchen

To minimalists, space is just as important as quantity.  With these stackable cups, you get uniformity and space efficiency all in one.

Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalism is all about organization and not carrying more than you can hold.  It teaches us to enjoy what is special to us and reject what clutters our lives unnecessarily.  Minimalism may be all bare boned, but it doesn't need to be sterile or without a sense of humor.
Minimalist Kitchen

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  1. Today at work I found myself for the hundredth time explaining that I neither have nor want a microwave. People don't seem to understand not wanting something that I could have quite easily. I don't have or want a toaster oven, or even a toaster, either, and I like it that way!