Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Breaking down any task always makes it more bearable.  I have found that I am easily discouraged at the mere site of big projects and work more effectively by breaking them down into palatable pieces.

Organized bathroom
Items I use everyday 
What does a single girl do in her spare time?  Organize my sock drawer of course! Seriously, it's probably one of the cleanest you've ever seen.  

My other goal was to get through my cosmetics.  By no means am I a strict follower of the 100 item ultra-minimalist club, but I do enjoy clutter-free spaces.  I live with two other young singles and we each get one third of a cabinet and one shelf of the linen closet for our beauty tool kits.  

I have my items organized by the items I use everyday, use often, and use rarely.  

What helped me pair down and organize my items: 
  • I threw away anything clearly old, dried up, or no longer in fashion.  
  • I looked for products with expiration dates.  Sunscreens become ineffective with age.  You should buy a new bottle every year. 
  • I clipped all my hair scrunchies together and boxed my clips
  • I used small containers to organize like items such as nail polishes 
Minimalist cosmetics
Items I use several times a week 
Tips for cleaning out your cosmetics: 
  • Every item in your arsenal should be your favorite.  
  • Keep it simple.  Most women can get by with a handful of nail polishes, not a salon's worth 
  • Throw out anything you haven't used within the last year.  
  • Newer products are more effective and usually healthier for you.  Don't keep five year old lotions and dried up nail polishes.  
  • Organize items into categories 
  • Don't keep hotel shampoo bottles.  Just don't do it! I know they're "cute."
I'm very proud of the progress that I've made but still feel that I have too many items I don't plan on using.  There's always that "What if I need it?" question lingering.  Maybe I'll actually use that under eye creme someday.  What I am excited about is that moving will be really easy, I'll just pick up my two bins and carry them away.   

Happy cleaning! 

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