Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Advice to Young Adults

Stay Light So You Can Explore The World
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Diploma in hand, you say to the world, "Here I am!"  The horizon is out in front of you.  After seventeen years of school, it's finally time to jump the gun and make a life for yourself.

Get the house, find the job, settle down, nest.  No more dorm food or stinky roommates.  

You're finally feeling the need to own your own couch and maybe even a few luxuries like a flat screen TV and an iron for your work shirts.  

You look around at those older, married people around you who already have packed garages, and it can be tempting to follow suit. 

Here's my advice: Stay light! Here's why:
  1. Your in a transitional period of life, where marriages, jobs, and dream following make settling in difficult. 
  2. If you do plan on getting married, merging two houses is easier if both parties don't have very many possessions. 
  3. Student debt and entry level jobs make getting a large apartment or house difficult.  Fitting your stuff into a smaller space is cheaper. 
  4. You're more free to explore, travel the world, or take up an interesting position on the other side of the world, if you're not weighed down by tons of stuff. 
  5. Your habits will follow you the rest of your life.  Don't become a clutter bug the day after graduation. 
  6. You really should be feeding your retirement fund instead of buying more stuff. 
  7. You're single, which means, unless you have incredible friends, you will be moving yourself.
  8. The Starting Gate of Life
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  9. Welcome to the revolving door of roommates.  Good luck finding someone to stick it out with you until you both get married.  You will most likely move anywhere from 3 to 10 times in your twenties.  I'm 27, and I can count 9.
How to Stay Light 
  1. Try to get all of your furniture used and cheap.  Hammy downs from grandma work just great.  No harm done when your garage sale $5 end table ends up in the free pile next time you move. 
  2. Don't accumulate books, CD's, and DVDs.  They take up useless space, cost a fortune, and are usually only enjoyed once or twice.  Again, spend that money on your retirement. 
  3. Don't get a pet.  Just don't do it.  A pet will keep you from travelling, make weekends away a hassle, and make finding pet friendly accommodations difficult.  Wait until you've bought a house and settled into a job. 
  4. Keep your stuff organized.  If everything is in bins, you just put on the lid and carry them to the next house when you move. Easy! 
  5. Organize your important papers from the get go.  Get a filing cabinet or a digital scanner.  Don't let years of medical papers and bank statements get backed up and shoved into junk drawers. 
  6. Keep your decorations simple and cheap.  There is no need to have a model Better Homes and Gardens home.  There will be plenty of time in life to make your abode snazzy.  Now is the time to live cheaply and focus on your career. 

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