Monday, March 17, 2014

What is Lifestyle Design?

Image Source: Flickr: Juicyverve
Lifestyle Design is a term associated with Timothy Ferris' book The Four Hour Workweek.  It is all about designing your ideal lifestyle, and taking the appropriate steps to make it happen.

One of the major points of The Four Hour Work Week, is the idea that people don't want money, they want the time that money buys.  Do people really want to be millionaires, or do they want time to relax on Lake Como with their families, learn a new language, or take exotic dance lessons?

Ferris proposes the idea that, if you play your cards right, the lifestyle you desire is completely in reach.  The catch is, is that you have to start thinking about your time differently.

The Four Hour Workweek isn't about chilling on the beach for the next 50 years.  At first glance, lifestyle design may appear like an excuse for laziness, but it is far from it. Rather, it embraces hyper-efficiency and the utilization of your highest talents.

What are you placed on this planet for?  What talents do you have to offer the world?  What job or activity would you feel fully alive doing?  These are all questions lifestyle designers ask.

If you are interested in lifestyle design, I would suggest checking out Timothy Ferris's blog. Is full of fascinating information on lifestyle design.  He frequently does tests on himself to find ways to learn quicker, get stronger, and accomplish more efficiently.

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