Saturday, March 15, 2014

Prioritize Your Activites

Source: Mike Baird
I rock climb, scuba dive, backpack, surf, snowboard, play guitar, write, record music, target shoot, travel, paint, and workout.  Each of these activities require massive amounts of gear, which causes my inner minimalist to cringe.

Renting is an excellent option for minimalists who don't want to spend time and money keeping up sporting goods.  However, for the more technical sports, renting becomes more difficult.  For instance, I enjoy wreck diving, which requires a specific set of gear that is hard to find in rental shops.

For those at advanced levels of extreme sports, renting can be a safety issue, in that, the renter has no control over how well the gear is maintained, nor is the renter able to train extensively with that gear.  Part of the reason I feel so comfortable going into a ship wreck, is because I have logged hundreds of hours underwater, with my own personal gear.  I know, by touch, every piece of equipment.

It was during my college years, and through massive amounts of trying every sport on the planet, that I came to the conclusion, that there just wasn't enough time and space for everything.  Something had to give.  I sold my snowboard because it was taking up room and only being used one to four times a year.  I hope that it is making someone else happy.

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