Saturday, February 22, 2014

How I Built A Minimalist Desk

My office
For my entire writing career, I have been typing away at my kitchen table, enduring the constant distractions that come with the location.  I am perpetually moving my laptop and books off the table in order to use the table for it's intended purpose.

Solution:  I built a $48 minimalist desk.

Legs: $14 from Ikea
Top: 17.00 Pine wood from Home Depot
Paint: $15 for spray paint plus top coat
Screws: $2
Total: $48

I also purchased a power drill ($10), a tape measure ($1.50), and sandpaper ($3.00).

That super cool 70's chair I picked up at a used store for $3.

I wanted a space that would be clutter and distraction free, where I feel inspired to be creative and productive.

I'm typing this post with a lovely view of the pine trees out my bedroom window.  It may not yet be a tiny house in the woods, but that dream is getting closer every day.

I found a paint that makes it look like hammered metal
I can't help but think of generations past who built incredible structures with nothing but hand tools.  They had no power saws and Home Depots.  Making a table wasn't a late night, after work event, but rather, a backbreaking, wood chopping, lengthy endeavor.

Growing up in a world of convenience and cheap parlor tricks, I have an intensely deep desire to live a simple life, to work with my hands, and to be self-reliant.

There is something magnificently satisfying in seeing the outcome of one's labor; to use creativity and ingenuity to its fullest extent.  There is also a security that comes with it.  If the economy falls, or the lights don't turn on tomorrow, no worries.
I'll strike a match and build myself a bonfire.  


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