Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Unfinished Life

Leonard Knight, the creator of Salvation Mountain, passed away yesterday.  He spent decades building up an acrylic mountain of Bible verses and art that has been featured in several films, magazines, and on
album covers.

In 2009, on a trip to track down locations to the film Into The Wild, I received a personal tour of the mountain by Leonard himself.  For about a half hour he toured my brother and I around his masterpiece.  He's got a 50 by 150 foot mountain, several painted vehicles, a telephone pole grotto, and cave-like museum.  He told us of his vision to expand the mountain, pointing to a half finished boat and an unpainted area with raw dirt showing.  He had so many dreams, so many things he wanted to still accomplish.  He wanted more people to hear the message of his mountain, that God is Love.

For the past several years Leonard has been in a nursing home with ailing health.  It makes me wonder how much he left unaccomplished.   We have such a finite time on this earth.  I bothers me that I waste even a day of it.

Everyday I hear the words, When_______________, I do ___________________.  I know an 85 year old who's been saying When I win the lottery I'll buy a corvette for years.  She is now unable to drive, but she still holds onto it.  The irony, is she is wealthy enough to just go by a corvette on any day she'd like.

I have come to the conclusion that we rarely hit our mark because we are scared to.  Maybe it is the idea of the thing that we want, not the thing itself.

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