Friday, September 19, 2014

Have You Found Yourself?

The Lost Generation 

I wonder how many people go through life, not really knowing who they area and what they want.  How many people get to the finish line and want a do-over?

In school children are taught useful knowledge, but are they taught how to find themselves.  I believe many in my generation are drifters, living a chaotic lifestyle, like a ship without a rudder.

Our colleges spit out young adults who know calculus, but have no idea what career path to choose or how to carve out a life for themselves.  They are lost, being told conflicting information about how the world works, and being thrown into a society that praises the facade, over the truth.

The more young adults I talk to in the 22-35 category, the more I realize that they haven't got a clue.  They burrow into jobs they think will bring them the success and money that they desire, but it only brings stress and unhappiness.  Just look into the face of a 28 year old in a suit, read the lines in his face, study his eyes, and his softening features.  Has he found what he was searching for?

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