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What Vacation Teaches Us About Real Life

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Vacation is for rest, and travel is for exploration; two very different things.  Volumes could be written about the human need for travel, but today we will focus on the art of vacationing.

Vacations Teach Us to Slow Down

Vacations teach us to slow down and relax.  With no chores and minimal cooking, vacations allows us to prop up our feet and relax.   

In this relaxed state, we have the space to reassess what is important in life.  What do we want to do with our time?  What changes can we make?  How can I distress my life?    

There is something about vacation that feels right and good.  

Many of us have become work-aholics without even knowing it.  With our job markets increasingly competitive, we work when we're sick, bankroll our vacation time, and work unpaid overtime, to keep our jobs or get ahead.   

On the contrary, most Europeans are required to take 30-35 days of vacation.  Most Americans are lucky to beg for 14 days.  

Maybe Americans don't know how to relax because it isn't a huge part of our work culture?

Vacations Teach Us to Pack Light 

There is something so freeing about living out of a suitcase; to have everything you need all in one container.  It's easy to find things and you have a freedom of movement that you don't have at home. 

Living out of a suitcase begs the question, why can't we live like this all of the time? 

If you can live with just a couple of outfits and a toothbrush for 5 days, why can't we live with that few possessions forever?  Do you need anything else?  

Living out of a suitcase is every minimalist's dream. 

Vacations Teach Us to Live Together in Small Spaces 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a Tiny House?  Try living in a hotel room first.  Most hotel rooms are 300-400 square feet.  Tiny houses are generally half that size. 

Living is such cramped quarters, you and your family are forced to co-habitate.  You are forced to share life together.  Sharing a small space can be a bonding experience. 

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