Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome to the Revolution

Source: Flickr: Franco Folini 
There is a revolution brewing.  It is the second cousin of the hippie movement, the successor to Postmoderism, the antithesis of materialism, the silver bullet for greed, and the iron fist that puts power back into the hands of the people.  You can find it hidden up in the hills, right above you in the converted warehouses of post-industrial neighborhoods, in high rises, and suburban backyards, on planes and plantations, in art, in language, and architecture.  It's footprints are small, but it's impact has the ability to the shake the world as we know it.

MINIMALISM. A movement that is gaining speed each and every day.  Companies are changing the way they do business, builders are changing their blueprints, and people everywhere are changing the way they shop, work, and live their lives.  

Minimalism cuts out the fluff, the facade, the fat, and the filler, leaving only the raw, rubbed, gem behind.  There is no more faking it.   Minimalism demands authenticity.  
Minimalism sees right through the pride of possession and the false security of materialism.  It looks at all the kingdoms of the world as rubbish.  The minimalist realizes that peace, happiness, and freedom can never be bought.

Minimalism is pervasive, counter-cultural, refreshingly intellectual, and resourceful.   
In a society that says that MORE will make you HAPPY, and MONEY can buy you PEACE, minimalism says that those things can never be held in your hand--they are in your soul.

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