Friday, November 23, 2012


Minimalism has revolutionized my way of life.  It has given me the freedom to fearlessly pursue that which matters to me most.  It has taught me to hold onto what is valuable and cut away the fat.  

Our society is too cluttered, too fractured, too unfocused. 

I just wanted simplicity. I wanted to see through the fake and into the real.  I wanted to be unattached. 

I became fascinated by bohemians, transients, vagabonds, pilgrims, and exiles.  I found that their identity was not tied to their possessions.  They were free to move and to be.  

For the majority of my life I have been a collector, accruing stickers, bottle caps, movies, coins, ribbons, and holiday candy.  I took comfort and pride in obtaining large quantities of stuff.  I did not posses items, my stuff possessed me.  Beating the clutter was a constant and prohibiting issue at school and at home.  It became a psychological and physical weight. 

Although months of gradual pairing down took place, one night of chucking out clutter set me off on an irreversible track.  Not wanting to move every item I owned into a new apartment  I gave myself a fresh start.  

Minimalism told me it was OK to have less, to withhold the American Dream, to not accumulate, and to be emotionally unattached to inanimate objects.  

Once you've tasted freedom, you never go back.      

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